Summer 2014 Style Inspiration: Office Outfit Ideas for Large Busts, Athletic Builds, Hourglass Shapes, and more!

The surprising thing that most women don’t know, is that you can become any shape you desire with one special tool: Silhouette Mastering.
The trick to looking great in clothes is all about the fit of your garments. Have you ever worn something you saw on someone else and felt completely uncomfortable the entire day? It’s because the fit wasn’t proportioned to your natural silhouette. An excellent fit will allow your clothes to drape your body, accentuating your most valuable assets.

Each women has a general shape that falls into the following four categories. I’ve created four different looks for each shape to give you an idea of what will work and give you the ultimate shape. Check them out below!


Apple Shapes
Your weight is held primarily in the midsection of your body. Your legs tend to be smaller and leaner than your upper body. You want to focus on making sure your waist is defined to create a more proportionate silhouette.
Wrap dresses are a great way to embody that sexy energy as well as add definition to your midsection.

Banana Shape
Your slender physique carries broader shoulders and a more athletic build. You want to focus on adding volume to your top and lower half of your body to create the illusion of natural curves.
Shirts with ruffles or patterned details will give you the extra boost you need for your bust area. Textured, colored, and patterned skirts or pants will give you the volume you need on the bottom.

Large Busts or Strawberry Shape
Your shoulders are typically broader than your hip area. In addition, you are typically top heavy. You want to try to stay away from tops with too high of a neckline, as it will make your bust appear larger.
V-necks and solid color tops are great for your body type. Similar to the banana shape, strawberry shapes tend to have little hip definition, so A-line skirts are a God send.

Hourglass Shape (Still haven’t found a fruit for that lol)
The Kardashian Sisters look for a new retail store in Soho
Your body is evenly proportioned between your shoulders, waist, and hips. The hourglass shape tends to be the most desired by women due to the options of wearing a wider variety of items.
However, curvy girls must remember to not wear their clothes too tight or sport bottoms with heavy volume, as it will make you look visibly larger. Pantsuits are great for this body type, as well as pencil skirts that have a nice slim fit (get the skirt above here).

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