The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Official Pictures from Kim and Kanye’s Wedding, Public School is Not Streetwear, and Dior To Go On Exhibit


  • Head on over to E! to see a few official photos of Kim and Kanye at their wedding. (E! Online)


  • Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, the menswear turned womenswear industry darlings of the brand Public School, want you to know something: they are not a streetwear brand. “People incorrectly refer to us as streetwear, but the brand isn’t streetwear at all,” Chow says. “We take reference from New York as a street-based city, but we aren’t chasing trends or commenting on what’s going on in culture. Our DNA is in mixing high and low, mixing different worlds, referencing and creating fabric combinations, but making it with a versatility and practicality to it.” The pair, who are up for this year’s CFDFA Menswear Designer of the Year Award, plan on showing brighter blues, geometric prints, collaborations and possibly a foray into eyewear later on this year. (WWD)

fashion bomb news breakdown galliano will not show at fashion week

  • Though John Galliano, the man, is seemingly on the up, Galliano the brand being helmed by Bill Gayten seems to be having a few problems.  The brand will not be showing their Spring 2015 collection as a part of Men’s Fashion Week in Paris next month.  If we’re being completely honest, it’s still a bit unsettling that Gayten, Galliano’s former assistant, has continued on at Galliano after the designer was forcibly ousted from his brand, but c’est la vie. (Mode a Paris)

Alexander Wang to Take Over at Balenciaga

  • Balenciaga is headed back to court with Steve Madden.  It’s not likely that you remember back in 2009 when Balenciaga sued Steve Madden over their pretty blatant knock off of the Lego shoe.  Well according to Balenciaga, Madden is back at it again, this time with bags.  The Alexander Wang helmed brand claims that Steve Madden is knocking off the Motorcycle bag style , first designed by Balenciaga in 2000 and registered for trademark in 2007. If you ask us, it looks like a pretty cut and dry case. (The Fashion Law)

fashion bomb news breakdown christian dior goes on exhibit

  • If you’re headed to Normandy any time soon, head to the Christian Dior Museum in Granville. The newest exhibit “The Legendary Images:Great Photographers and Dior” features 200 shots by Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and many other famous fashion photographers intermixed with 60 couture dresses.   (Vogue)

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