DIY Bomb: Sonia Rykiel’s Backless Dress

Get creative when you see something you want! Not all DIY projects involve mason jars and wooden pallets.  Most of the current drool-worthy fashion pieces can be recreated using garments that have long been tucked away in the far corners of your closet.

Ever say you were going to get rid of everything you don’t wear, only to end up making excuses for every sad pair of jeans you’ve neglected for years?  We’ve all been there. Or have you somehow ended up with your ex-boyfriends oversized tees and sweaters?  Perfect!  Before you toss those back into the black hole, get out a pair of scissors, and DIY your way into the next fashion trend!

model & Instagram style fav, Kristen Noel Gipson

You no longer have to only dream about owning pieces like Sonia Rykiel’s backless dress pictured above.  Often times, all it takes is a few simple steps and you’ll be the owner of a one-of-a-kind, designer-inspired piece!

Since this black Phat Farm long-sleeve tee should never be worn again, allow me to demonstrate:



Tie a simple knot to join the two ends on the back and voila! Tip:  Don’t let giant, unwearable logos deter you- flip the shirt inside out and move on.  The visible seams go with the cut-and-sew look! Or if you’re not into it, start with a clean slate by using a plain tee.

The great thing about it being this easy is that you can afford to have it in every color! The possibilities are endless. Do try it at home!

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