Cool Online Finds: 5 Fashion and Beauty Tumblrs You Should Know

Tumblrs are sources of inspiration–one stop web shops where an editor can curate quotes, videos, and pictures to tell a beautiful tale. We’ve uncovered 5 where you can get your fashion and beauty fix, and allow your eyes to dance along the gorgeous pictures and well plucked phrases:

1. Black Fashion (

With snapshots, street style, and celeb style galore, Black Fashion’s tumblr is chock full of chic goodness.

Peruse the plethora of pages or even submit a picture to be featured yourself (I’ve spied a few Fashion Bombshells on there–cute!).

2. Heel My Soles (

If you’re a shoe fanatic, Heel My Soles is right up your alley.

Be prepared to drool over oodles of haute heels and graphic wedges. There’s a lot to lust over!

3. Vintage Black Glamour (

Get a sense of nostalgia with archived pictures of everyone from Josephine Baker and Eartha Kitt to Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin (below).

Unlike most tumblrs, the author entices us with lengthy prose, providing back stories to a good portion of her pictures.

4. Le Coil (

Need natural hair inspiration? Look no further than Le Coil.

From dreads, to braids, to teeny weeny afros, they showcase it all with wonderful clarity.

5.Black Girls Killing It (

Get your hair and style ‘life’ here, with a slew of images of the young, black, and fabulous working their best.

What are some of your favorite Tumblrs? Leave a comment and let us know!

*The Fashion Bomb doesn’t have a tumblr yet (we’ve reserved the space, but don’t have anyone to curate it). Maybe our future intern will take over the project? In the meantime, don’t fret… I have a tumblr! is all about me and is full of nonsense, like this:

Yes, I find this hilarious. Check me out on


Claire Sulmers is the publisher and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, the #43 most influential style magazine in the world.

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