Art Bomb: The Tappan Collective

Fashion doesn’t have to be confined to our outfits. Our home walls should be stylish too! It always comes down to the accessories, right?

Art meets online shopping at the Tappan Collective.  For those of us who just want a Picasso in their casa but don’t have direct access even to original Basquiats – or dare I say, are considering resorting to the obvious Ikea skyline piece- the Tappan Collective is our savior.

ALISON COOLEY, ‘Ambrette’, Original Painting

With a glass of wine in hand and in the comfort of your bare-white-walled home, one can peruse the site to select which medium interests them most, from prints and photographs to original paintings, even how much you want to spend.

JEFFREY KRAUS, ‘Expensive Skin 2’, Print, $200 Framed

DAFY HAGAI, ‘Ripples’, Photograph, $80.00

HUGUES LAURENT, ‘Vogue’, Photograph, $90.00


Tap into the local art scene and support emerging artists! Begin your collection. Original art is no longer reserved for elites only!


-Intern 4

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