So it seems our server issues are slowly correcting themselves:)

Since the sites been ‘transitioning’ I’ve been in a pretty ornery mood, but when a friend directed me to Plutocracy’s website, my spirits instantly lifted!

Created by designer Anitra Michelle, the line is earmarked for young, urban professional women who aren’t afraid to explore and experiment with bright patterns, lush fabrics, and inventive silhouettes. According to the site, this particular collection is for, “…young women of various ethnicities and cultural curiosities, who are dynamic, but have the desire to maintain a certain mystique. [They] engage in networking and business opportunities in versatile environments, while showcasing their individuality.”

I’m loving the ruffle collar shifts, ballooned hemmed jumpsuits, and off shoulder tops! I could totally see wearing these to a corporate job in a creative field or to a fashion show.

Do you love?
See the pieces close up and read more about Anitra at


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