Cool Online Find: Dominique Renee Nail and Jewelry Designs

Promising jewelry and accessories designers are popping up everyday! Feast your eyes on the chic designs of Dominique Renee:

In addition to imagining super colorful necklaces, rings, and accoutrements, she also makes these really interesting nail designs.

Coming in sizes small, medium, and large, Dominique Renee designs come ready to pop on a pair of press on nails. Check out a few of my faves:

Tribal Tigerism Nails, $30
Testing Screen Nails, $40
Awa Nails, $60
Pop Nails, $65
Zania Nails, $65

Not exactly sure how it works (how do you know what size your nails are?), but I’m sure if you contact her you can get it sorted..! And aside from nail art, Dominique Renee also has a host of funky jewelry options:

12 Step Earrings, $35
Love Me, Love Me Necklace, $54
Peach Gummy Earrings, $24
Rude Beaded Necklace, $110
Testing Screen Ring, $26

I like! Might even try some of these for Fashion Week.

Queen of Pop Nails, $85

What do you think?

Fresh Earrings, $35.50

See more and purchase at


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