Cool Online Find: D.Fame Clothing

I try to keep my chic feelers out for what’s hot and new, so was delighted when I stumbled across the website for Las Vegas based clothing company, D Fame.

Created and curated by brother and sister team Dennaya and Darius Famous, the e boutique proposes bold vintage pieces and deconstructed denim, with an eye for flashy Vegas flair.

Check out a few images from their latest lookbook:

Individual pieces include patterned silk button ups for guys and girls, shredded, fringed jeans, and 80’s inspired printed bomber jackets. They also have a handful of vintage Pendleton and Polo Ralph Lauren gear if you really want to take it back:

Men’s Enterprise Print Bomber Jacket, $80
Women’s D Fame Custom Levi’s Black Flag Shorts, $75
Men’s Polo Ralph Lauren Shooting Shirt, $45
Women’s Royal Print Blouse, $50
Men’s Pendleton Navajo Blanket Coat, $90
D Fame Custom Peach Cone Levi’s Head Shorts, $130
Women’s Origami Jacket, $120
Women’s Letterman Jacket, $90

It seems stock is low, but if you can snag a piece, you’re sure to stand out from a crowd–in a good way.
See more and purchase at
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