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Most girls grow tired of burrowing through boxes and shelves of accessories to perfectly match their outfits.  And frankly, a lot of brand name accessories don’t come in an endless array of colors, patterns nor textures.  But Erin Miller, CEO and Creative Director of Boho Betty USA is committed to her mission to make accessory shopping easy, fun, and very beneficial for those who do.
Boho Betty Campaign 1

Dubbed “The New Face of Fashion Jewelry”, Boho Betty originally started in the UK and Asia in 2012 by two British designers, Rebecca Middleton and Tania Buckley.  Erin was gifted a bracelet from the brand, and loved it so much, that she partnered with the two designers to launch in the US.  They want the girl who wears Boho Betty to feel confident and sexy, and it was important for Erin to incorporate her love of travel and exploring new places in each piece.

Boho Betty 3

(l to r: Rebecca Middleton: designer, Erin Miller: CEO and Creative Director, Tania Buckley: designer)

From boldly colored bracelets bedecked in glistening rhinestones to beaded pieces to animal print, a design exists for literally every girl.  The personalities of each of the designers I met shine through each piece, and quite simply, the bracelets are beautiful.

Boho Betty 6

Boho Betty 7

Boho Betty 8


The buck doesn’t stop there.  New collections will be rolled out about every six weeks to keep things fresh and exciting for the Boho Betty girl.  Festival girls, accessory fanatics, and even moms (mine loves hers) won’t be able to get enough of these.

Boho Betty Campaign 2

Boho Betty campaign

campaign styled by LaVonne AlexisBoho Betty 10

Boho Betty 11

Boho Betty 12 Boho Betty 13 Boho Betty 14

Prices start at $29, but that’s quite the steal for what you’re getting if you ask me.  Head over to for access and start ordering for yourself and gift to your friends!


As for the future, Erin and her team (which also includes her lovely husband Adam) were tight-lipped on what surprises they have in store.  But based on what we’ve seen, we’re sure whatever it is is sure to be big.

Boho Betty Adam and Erin Miller

What say you?


Vuitton is a Bahamas native and a staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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