There seems to be a lot of spandex on the homepage, no?
Well, I’ll go on ahead and add to the mix with new designer K’Lee Jones from BagladieInk Clothing:

Blast from the Past Dress, $110

The Jamaican-American former nursing student launched her line of skin clinging dresses, skirts, and leggings after she, “…found the Lord… [and discovered] her God given talent.”

Cleopatra Dress, $130

Gladiator Skirt, $55

Speaking in third person, she added, “K’lee Jones loves to make people look and feel beautiful. K’lee Jones’s vision is beyond just clothing design.”

Pink Panther Dress, $85

“…She feels that her role also is to encourage everyone to follow their dreams no matter what. God has given us all a talent, a gift for us to use to the best of our abilities.”

Double Standard Leggings, $50

Star Bangled Banner Leggings, $50

Black Widow Top, $50

Not sure how the Lord would feel about those camel toe inducing pants, but I know I’m feeling the newspaper dress and a few separates!
Casino Royal Skirt, $50

See more and purchase at
Hot! or Hmm…?

Bold and Beautiful Two Piece, $40


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