Cool Find: Wah Nails!

Hey Guys!

So as I mentioned, I came to Londontown to see how the Brits get down for Fashion Week! The festivities start tomorrow, but in the meantime, I figured I’d pop into British mainstay Topshop to see what I could see. I ventured down to the basement to look at the shoes, and was totally sidetracked by a station for Wah Nails, a new type of nail design. For only £18 (about $28), I could get a cool leopard print, polka dots, a flower design, or anything I wanted in only 15 minutes!

After some hemming and hawing, I was talked into sitting down. I opted for leopard print over Essie color Van D’go:

What do you think?
One nail on each hand is a different color because I initially couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted the leopard spots to be black or white. My nail technician started with black, then I switched to white, then decided upon black, but didn’t want her to start again…

I mean I got leopard nails, I couldn’t really opt for subtlety…! I also added some Swarovski Crystals to the one ‘white’ finger on each hand. Go hard or go home!

The nails last about a week.

Read more about Wah Nails on their blog, or follow them on Twitter at

Not sure if Wah Nails are in the States, but they should show up in your local nail shops very soon!

Would you get Wah Nails?


I took some Street Style as well, stay tuned!


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