• Contest: Win a Puku External Battery Charger!

    Are you a digital diva whose phone is always running out of juice?
    Need something small and stylish to recharge your phone or tablet?
    Look no further than the Puku charger:
    win a puku charger fashion bomb daily
    The powerful external battery has a single charge of 8000 mAh, and can recharge your phone up to 5 times.
    puku purple charger
    I tried it out last night and loved it. It lasted through dinner, holiday parties, and after parties…
    fashion bomb daily win a puku charger
    fashion bomb daily puku battery charger 2
    … with enough power left over to snap fun pix like these:
    claire sulmers fashion bomb daily
    At any rate, I want you to try this!! So I’m giving away a Puku charger to one fabulous Bombshell.
    puku charger colors
    Leave a comment with your favorite color (they come in red, pink, gray, purple…see the full colors here), and include a story of a time when your phone died at a critical moment.
    Also be sure to follow Puku on Instagram @GotPuku.
    puku gray charger
    Good luck!
    *Can’t wait for the giveaway? Get 10% off your Puku charger (retail value $99) with the code fashionbombdaily10. This offer is valid until the 21st of December.


    Claire Sulmers is the publisher and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, the #43 most influential style magazine in the world.

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