Contest: Who Should Win a New Hairstyle Courtesy of Noël New York?

So last week, we offered Tristate Fashion Bomb Readers the chance to win a new hairstyle, courtesy of Noël New York.
After much deliberation, the stylists at Noël New York and I have decided upon the following six finalists:
Contest  - Who Should Win a New Hairstyle Courtesy of Noel New York_
Who should win the top prize?
You decide…
1. Richelle
richelle from staten island
Staten Island native Richelle says, “I’m an aspiring PR rep who is always on the go and I have natural hair.”
richelle from staten island

” Since I have no idea what to do with it, I just slap on wigs and weaves, leave my hair alone, and go. Help!”

2. Arlene


Avid reader and commenter Arlene aka Kitty B submitted for the contest! She wrote, ” I’m more than certain once you ladies see these pictures you’ll see I’m in desperate need of a hair makeover. I have had the same hairstyle and color since I was 21, I’m now 28 (long time). Everytime I say I’m ready to make a change to my hair I chicken out BIG TIME!”

” When I saw the post for this contest I knew I had to jump on it. I’m also extremely self conscious when it comes to my…um how do you say…forehead size…I really need a style that suits me, my head, and gives me that boost!”


3. Dorothy
Dorothy’s roommate Latrica actually submitted her pix, with Latrica saying, “ I love her to death, but she has the newly natural problem of what to do with a TWA, not to mention there are a couple of different textures competing in her head. So this would be an awesome prize for her to win… it beats me cutting off random straight strands out of her hair. “

4. Jessica
jessica from nyc
Jessica says, ” I recently was laid off from my job along with 15 other people from my office. I am in a slump and think a makeover is what I need to bring me back to life!!!”

5. Anim
Anim types, “I hope you consider me for this contest because I’m constantly going back and forth between braids and full weaves. I would love to rock my hair in a gorgeous, fresh and new style!”

6. Sheena
Lastly, Sheena says, “I would love to get a chance to get my hair styled at Noel salon in Brooklyn, NY. I am natural, have not permed my hair since 2009, and I have constant issues with styling, moisture, and maintaining the health of my hair. Please help! Thank you!!”

Ok! Who do you think should win this fabulous hair and makeup makeover?



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