Lehengas are everyone’s favorite. Whether it’s a festival or a much-awaited wedding of the year, lehenga is usually the go-to attire for women. They know that there is no other outfit that can make them look as graceful and charming as a typical lehenga. However, it’s time to make some changes. Modern Indian girls want something are constantly looking for something new that will allow them to look glamorous even in this humble and traditional ensemble. If you are one of those girls who want to make a statement in the upcoming wedding, then continue to read. This post sheds light on some contemporary-style lehengas for modern girls. 

  1. Lavender Color lehengas: We have all worn lehengas in pink, red, green, orange, blue and purple. We have even tried the pretty pastel and pale tones of our favorite color, but lavender seems to be the color of the season. You would know that if you check out the latest collection of lehengas. This color is inspired by the color of the flower of the same name and it is a lighter tone of color violet. With this English color, designers have created marvels even in Indian ethnic wear. Lehengas in lavender has a distinctive vintage charm to it. 
  2. Chikankari White: if you are a woman of classy taste, then a white lehenga will set you for a sophisticated look. If colors are not your thing, then a white lehenga finished with oh-so-elegant Chikankari embroidery that is raging trend among the Bollywood divas as well as regular women. Chikankari lehengas in white are pristine and suave in its appearance yet it is highly appealing. Try this look for a day or night event and create some splendor. 

3. Sequined Charm: For those aim to outshine the crowd and create their own statement, sequins on pastel-colored lehenga should be your pick. These shiny, tiny embellishments are back in vogue and the trend is expected to get bigger this year. Intricately designed sequined patterns look such as a shiny bunch of posies adding a tinge of sparkle to the wearer’s personality. Try sequin lehenga on colors like sage green, icy blue, salmon rose, dull gold, ivory, and lemon yellow. However, when you choose to wear a sequined lehenga, keep your jewelry minimal. It is important to style this dress the right way and pair it up with the right number of baubles. 

4. Minimalist Florals: For those with an understated and refined sense of fashion, an ultra-modern look of a minimalist lehenga with floral prints or embroideries is a must try. The intricately designed flower patterns finished with sequins or Swarovski, makes for an elegant outfit that will suit the taste of women with subtle fashion sense. Such lehengas are different from the usual lehengas and look extremely gorgeous. They have the ability to enhance the feminine allure of the wear and give them refreshing and blossoming look. 

5. Brocade Belle: Brocade is a traditional fabric that is used for ethnic wear especially for auspicious occasions. It’s timeless beauty and lustrous appeal makes it a favorite among Indian women and designers. Over the years, Brocade only got better, and it has been used to create some finest designer couture. Unique colors and geometrical patterns have given it a modern twist. If you choose to buy a brocade lehenga, make sure you pick the authentic fabric. The markets are filled with their spurious versions. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. The real brocade is all about sartorial splendor and fine craftsmanship. 

6. Pastels and Ruffled Sleeves: Are you wondering what is so modern about contemporary lehengas? Well, it’s silhouettes and blouse style. The latest trends are all about ruffles and puffs. Create a unique look with a blouse with an unconventional design such as ruffles on the sleeves. Try this look with lehengas in pastel colors and keep the embellishments to a minimum, making it look classier and more exquisite. Such a lehenga is sure to give you a look of a fairy-tale’s enchanting princess.

6. Cape Classics: A traditional lehenga is not complete without a dupatta. However, the modern version of the classic lehengas has evolved and created a look without a dupatta. As per the latest trends, women today are ditching the standard dupatta and opting to wear a cape instead. Capes on the sleeves or capes as separate add-ons, both are in trend. They are usually made of sheer fabric and gorgeous embellishments of stones, sequins, crystals, and embroidery. Capes give a youthful and easy-breezy look the wearer. Cape lehengas are trendy, glam and elegant. 

7. Mirror Magic: Small mirrors as an embellishment on Indian ethnic wear have been used every now and then. The fashion is back, and it is getting bigger and better. Meticulous mirror-work with ornate embroidery is together used to create some offbeat lehengas for modern girls. These lehengas are incredibly beautiful and promise to make the wearer look like a dazzling star. Such a look is sure to turn some heads and fetch some pleasing compliments. Since lehengas with mirror-work are beautiful rendition of edgy and glamor sense of fashion, it is important to style it right. Don’t wear too much of chunky jewelry. Keep it minimal with diamonds and rubies. 

So, these are some scintillating new-age lehenga designs that will make you look like a star at any occasion. These lehengas are unique and will make you stand out in the crowd with their distinctive charm. Before you head out shopping, keep these points in mind and make the best decision for a lehenga that is trendy and chic. 


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