Claire’s Top 10 Summer Beach Essentials

As many of you know, I spent last week in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, frolicking in the sand, jumping off cliffs, and soaking up the sun. While I did my best to be prepared, of course there were a few things I left at home (that I wish I had brought–grrr!). After taking a look at my fellow vacationers and reevaluating my own arsenal of beach ready pieces, I’ve come upon 10 must haves I’d wholly recommend for any stylista embarking on an oceanside vacay:

Of course you need a (1) bikini while you post up poolside! What better way to get your tan on that with a revealing two piece? I personally like Vix bikinis because of their bust support and fun colors. For your travels to and from the pool bar, you’ll need a cute (2) cover up. I have a lovely Missoni Fringe Poncho I rock with shorts, but I also love this multicolored number by Aqua I copped at Bloomingdales.

Cue me and my new signature pose. LOL.
While outside, be sure to rub on (3) sunscreen and (4) bug spray. Sunscreen to block the sun’s harmful rays, bug spray to block those bugs! The mosquitos in Jamaica had way too much fun biting up my legs!!! For added sun protection a (5) fedora is always nice, along with a cute pair of (6) sunglasses. Sure any old tote will do to cart around your books, but I’m a huge fan of snake and gold, so am now adopting this (7) Carlos Falchi bag to throw everything in. In terms of shoes, a pair of (8) flip flops is all you need. You don’t want anything fancy, no, but you can still prove stylish with a pair of Tory Burch joints. If you plan to dip in the water and still want to look cu-ute, (9) waterproof makeup is your friend. I have a Maybelline ultra proof waterproof eyeliner that I love, and shh, Mac Ruby Woo stays on tremendously well in the waves. And when it’s all done, make sure to give you skin a good clean with a (10) Clarisonic brush. Not sure why, but I *always* break out with pimples on vacation! Not Cute! Just make sure you skin and pores are super clean with a Clarisonic brush and cleanser of your choice.
Get a few of my picks here:

I’ll be going to the British Virgin Islands in a few weeks and promise to try to take more pix. Until then, what are some of your beach essentials?


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