Claire’s Life:’s #NetaBeauty Anniversary Event

Beauty isn’t really my bag, though I’m starting to dip my toe in it because it’s fun, attainable, and let’s be honest: who doesn’t like to shine?
I was invited to Net-a-Porter’s Beauty Anniversary yesterday, and in addition to taking snazzy pix like the one below, I was able to find out about a few fabulous products that I’ll have try out soon.
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A few standouts:
1. By Kilian Perfume
By Kilian Perfume Fashion Bomb Daily Bomb Life
Aside from smelling delightful, Kilian perfume triumphs because of its elegant packaging. The black fragrance on the right comes equipped with its own velvet lined coffin, and the white bottle fits nicely into a snake adorned white clutch. The travel sized bottle is covered with a serpentine ring…and there’s really nothing I love more than products that do double duty! The owner of the brand is part of the Moet Hennessy family, which means he has an eye for all things luxe (I loved it that he spoke French to me when describing the scents, upon my request of course!). Apparently these fragrances have been an underground favorite of stars for years. When I Instagrammed about them, both Julissa Bermudez and Mashonda lamented that the secret was out! At any rate, all this fabulosity comes with a hefty price: bottles start at $245. But, everything is refillable, so once you’re done spritzing, you can reup for less, and hold on to the lovely accoutrements for years to come. Get ’em below:

2. James Read Tanning
james read tan
Do black people tan? Apparently they do. Not to appear darker per se, but moreso to achieve that glowy, rejuvenated aura. I personally have never self tanned, but might give James Read products a try. I was particularly intrigued by the brand’s leave on $65 Sleep Mask Tan which is a cult favorite and works well on basically any skin type! Would you try it? If so, peruse the selection here.

3. Leighton Denny Nail Lacquer
leighton denny lacquer nail polish
Leighton Denny nail polish was conceived by a celebrity UK manicurist, and has been brought to the States with a bang. The heavily pigmented colors go on smooth and reportedly stay on for longer than a week! Colors are pretty cute and on trend for Spring with nude, yellow, and pool blue. I’ll have to give these a whirl. If you want to try it, too, purchase below:

I don’t do nearly enough beauty posts, but I might just get it started!
What do you think? And do you see anything you like?
*These fun pictures are the brainchild of Ucef Hanjani of Ceft and Company:
#netabeauty claire sulmers fashion bomb daily beauty leighton denny kilian hennessy
He basically created a room where the chair and bags were on the ceiling. We walked in and posed. Then the camera flipped us upside down. Cool, right?


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