Chicago Boutique Spotlight: Stamp’lays Executive Salon And Boutique

Hey guys!

Intern Jihan here with a little Boutique Spotlight.

Last week I spent some time in Chicago visiting a few college friends. I had so much fun and ate a ridiculous amount of delicious food, but of course, I couldn’t leave without doing some shopping!

My friend Nora and I hopped over to Hyde Park in Southside Chicago, and stumbled upon Stamp’lays Executive Salon, where we thought we would get our nails done. Little did we know we were in for something better than just a mani!

Stamp’lays is a well-kept fashionista’s dream: A boutique featuring vintage and modern pieces in the front, and a full-functioning hair salon in the rear of the shop! Yes, you can get a wash and set and a new dress in one trip!

Stamp’lays boutique is like raiding your cool aunt’s closet who has a lust-worthy collection of vintage accessories, and clothes that are unapologetically on-trend. After a warm greeting from the owner, Kimberly Stampley, I found a fab little gray dress (about $120) I absolutely had to try on:

I’d already spent quite a lot of money in Chicago, so like a responsible adult, I did not buy it! (So proud of myself).

I did, however, need to get my hands on some jewelry! I am an unabashed accessories queen, and Stamp’lays’ selection certainly quelled my insatiable appetite (for now). Combing through the shelves featuring racks of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and cuffs at first seemed daunting, but it took Nora and I no time to find some funky, chic earrings ($28 each):

Prices range from affordable to a bit pricey ($80-400 for clothes, $10-150 for jewelry and accessories).  Still, if you’re in the Chicago area, you should check out Stamp’Lays, located at 1371 E. 53rd st. The staff is friendly and inviting, and you will definitely find something unique and stylish!

Kimberly, the owner
What do you guys think? Will you check it out?
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