Campus Catwalk: Master The Back-To-School Collegiate Look That Best Fits Your Personality

Hey there bombshells and bombers!

Get geared up, class will soon be in session! Grab one of these knowledge tree apples to ensure that your back to school experience is satisfactory.
Welcome to Fierce 101: The Fundamentals of Fashion! This semester is all about boyfriend jeans, full skirts, and comfort. Which style are you going for?

History Hippies
History Hippies by Intern6!

History Hippies can wreak haute havoc too.

Poli-Cyphers by Intern6!

Poli-Cyphers have a more urban flow.


P3 by Intern 6!

The Prominent Pretty Girls always keep it classy.

The rejects
The Rejects by Intern 6!

The Rejects are the cream of the crop, but they keep it filthy.

Chic Geek
Chic Geek by Intern 6!

Chic Geeks always have an A+ in my book!

the JOCKS by Intern 6!

The Jocks ball on a budget and keep it cool.

Which fashion clique do you fall under?
– Intern 6!

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