Alexis Skyy caused tongues to wag and eyes to pop this past weekend, when she opted to wear a sheer sparkly dress from Garyling Purnell’s Spring 2018 collection to the BET Awards. Underneath, she wore little more than nude underwear, allowing her bare nipples to show.

Ms. Skyy was summarily slammed for daring to go bare, though few had the same visceral reaction to the Swarovski Crystal look Rihanna wore to accept her Fashion Icon award at the CFDA’s in 2014.

@Britneyalea broke it down, writing, “Trashy! [Alexis] could have made it fashion, but it just looks tacky. [When] Rihanna wore a similar ensemble a few years ago, people loved it because it came across as avant garde and high fashion. This looks like a Fashion Nova cover up.”

@AbenaHadelaide added, “Some people really need to leave the nipple thing to Rihanna or people who have a model type figure. Women have made this look become so tacky. Sorry.”

Rihanna does have a modelesque figure, that leads many to say “She can wear a trash bag and look good. We’ve looked past many a fashion faux pas on Rihanna’s part because she is tall, gorgeous, and has the confidence to pull off the boldest looks (hey, they don’t call her fashion icon for nothing). It seems those that try to emulate her swag get shut down.

What do you think?
Why the double standard?


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