Bombshell on a Budget: 5 Labor Day Sale Topshop Steals!

With Labor Day in full effect, why not catch some last minute sales? Here are five Topshop items that are now on sale at unbelievable prices! Take a look.

1. Topshop’s Tropical Bandeau Playsuit
Last Chance-Sales1


Topshop’s Tropical Bandeau Playsuit was originally priced at $96, but now you can score it for a whopping $24! Purchase here.



For $24 you can’t go wrong.

2. Topshop’s Palm Tree Print Dress
Last Minute-Sales3


Too many dresses? No such thing. Topshop’s Palm Tree Print option is the perfect frock you need to brighten your night. End your summer with a bang in this piece.



Originally priced at $160, own this dress for only $40! Purchase here.

3. Topshop’s Shadow Stripped Print Jumpsuit


A jumpsuit must be apart of your wardrobe for this Fall. The greatest thing about a jumpsuit is its versatility. You can wear this to a gathering with just a few close friends or out to the club to meet some new ones.



Kate Moss’s for Topshop’s Shadow Stripped Print Jumpsuit used to be $180, but now you can snatch it up for only $50! Are you feeling this? Purchase here.

4. Topshop’s Moto Tencel Sporty Playsuit


Denim jumpsuits are also ideal because of their versatility. Not only can they be worn casually with sneakers and a cardigan, but you can also wear a denim jumpsuit with stilettos and a blazer for a more flirty look.



For only $20, the opportunity to grab this jumpsuit is not to be missed! Purchase yours here.
5. Fluffy Fringe Slip Dress

Celebrating your birthday soon? Do it on a a budget as well as in style! This Fluffy Fringe Slip Dress screams birthday attire. Last-Minute-Sales9 Originally priced at $100, you can celebrate your birthday in this dress for only $30. Purchase this dress here.


Are you a Bombshell on a budget?


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