Bomb Product of the Day: Tees in the Trap

I always love stumbling across fun, tongue-in-cheek tees, so was positively tickled to discover Tees in the Trap.
Tees in the Trap bye felicia tee
Think of every pop culture phrase, and they’ve got it, from oldies but goodies like “Bye Felicia,” to newer ones like, “Fix it Jesus.”
tess in the trap fix it jesus

They also have more than a few references to Beyoncé, with crewnecks proclaiming, “Beyonce Wasn’t Built in a Day,” and “Beyonce Taught Me.”
beyonce taught me tees in the trap
beyonce wasn't built in a day t-shirt tees in the trap
For $30 a pop, you’re sure to make a style statement.
girl-bye-grey-611x713 tees in the trap
bloop-aqua-611x713 tees in the trap
uh-huh-honey-navy-611x713 tees in the trap
I find these ingenious and hilarious. I need them all!
If you do, too, purchase at
lauryn-hill-white-sig-611x713 tees in the trap


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