Cool Online Find: NailSnaps

Bombshells, step up your nail game with these unique NailSnaps: A new mobile app that lets Instagram users turn their favorite photos into unique, custom-made nail polish stickers for wearable nail art!


NailSnaps was birthed out of sheer necessity for a vision that would expand upon a new model of personal expression and creativity worldwide. The app’s co-creators Angel Anderson and Sarah Heering looked to Instagram as the primary source inspiration to combine the social media platform’s most compelling features — instant gratification and an endless display of innovation and artistry.


The concept in a nutshell: First, select your desired Instaphoto design. Once chosen, crop or alter the photo to your desire—you can choose an across the nail design for a contiguous image or repeat one part of the image on each nail. Then, wait patiently for your printed custom order to arrive at your doorstep. And for the final step, apply the decals as you would a sticker to the corresponding nail shapes, and snap one worthy #ManiMonday photo for the ‘gram. The designs are made to last up to one week.




The app successfully reached its Kickstarter goal and with the intention of eventually expanding into a market space, we’re sure this won’t be the last time we hear of it. After all, NailSnaps is not just a manicure tool; it’s a new creative canvas that will seriously change the nail art game as we know it.



So, no long dry time or salon waits? We’re ready to download this app, STAT.
Learn more about Nail Snaps here, and follow them on Instagram here.
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