• Bomb Product of the Day: Mdurvwa Leather Gloves

    Add unexpected edge to your look with $60 Black Leather Gloves by Mdurvwa:

    mdurvwa Black Leather Gloves $60.00
    The simple accoutrements come in silver, red, and with studs, and have been spied on everyone from celeb stylist Olori Swank to Nicki Minaj:
    3 Mdurvwa Black Leather Gloves olori swank

    Mdurvwa Black Leather Gloves nicki minaj
    Cute, no?
    See a few more color options below:
    3 Mdurvwa Leather Gloves

    4 Mdurvwa Leather Gloves

    Purchase at Mdurvwa.com.
    What do you think?
    1 Mdurvwa Leather Gloves


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