Bomb Product of the Day: Lizzie Fortunato’s Tokyo Kaleidoscope Multicolored Safari Clutch

I’m currently style crushing on Lizzie Fortunato’s Tokyo Kaleidoscope Clutch:
lizzie fortunato kaleidescope multicolored clutch
The multicolored creation will add a splash of color to any summertime look. Get it in a blush colorway or opt for one with more fuchsia tones.
lizzie fortunato kaleidescope safari clutch
At $350, it’s a splurge, but take heart: if you just want to give it a whirl, you can rent it from Rent the Runway for $45:
Also, somewhat random note: my homegirl recently signed up for RTR’s accessories ‘Unlimited’ Program, where you can borrow 3 accessories at a time and swap them out as much as your heart desires for $75 a month.
rent the runway unlimited
So you can rent the Fortunato bag or whatever else you’d like for a steal. Not sure what’s more Bomb: this product or Rent the Runway’s new service!
At any rate, if you’re really feeling the clutch, purchase at Les Nouvelles or Bondarag. Lukewarm? Rent from Rent the Runway here or here.
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