Bomb Product of The Day: emPOWERED’s All-in-One Chargeable Bags

In honor of Fashion Month, here’s a Bomb Product that is functional, stylish, and something you might see us carrying next season: emPOWERED’s All-in-One Chargeable purses.

emPowered Chargeable Clutch

These cute carryalls include a mini USB cord, allowing you to charge your electronics on the go. The bag works with just about all of your gadgets, including iPhone, Android, Kindle, and digital cameras. It also has an adapter for Apple products.

empowered grey snake bag

emPOWERED’s All-in-One bag has a leather exterior, canvas interior, and a built-in leather wallet to keep all your essentials organized.

empowered all in one azure bag

So, is this bag a gift from God? Perhaps. At the very least it’s a boon to busy editors and bloggers during fashion week, but it’s also great for girls-about-town who can’t afford to have their gadgets run out of juice.

emPOWERED’s bags have been so popular, they’re mostly sold out… BUT due to their popularity, the brand is whipping up several new batches, some of which you can pre-order at $149 a pop on their website.

empowered all in one on fire empowered noir snake bag

Would you pick one up?



photos: emPowered

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