Bomb Blogger: Nikia Phoenix of Model Liberation

With a keen eye for unique pairings and an undeniably positive presence, this Bomb Blogger is destined for greatness –  just wait and see. During my time as an intern here at Fashion Bomb Daily, I’ve come across some pretty amazing blogs. Some captivated my curiosity through random web browsing while others were recommended as a heads up from our dynamic readers; however, today’s leading lady is highlighted due to a picture I ran across on Pinterest!

Miss Nikia Phoenix of Model Liberation isn’t just a pretty face – she’s the entire package! Don’t believe me? Whelp, just keep reading.





The first time I spotted Nikia, I was smitten. Aside from her natural beauty and that contagious smile, she was a breath of fresh air. Her blog isn’t too far from off the same track. Model Liberation is filled with hidden gems of inspiration and stylish dialogue. You name it, Nikia’s covered it. While scouring her site, I read up on topics which included beauty, hair, real world advice and even modeling. I love the fact that she challenges the norms while continuing to push against the grain in a world full of duplicates. In addition, her style is just as jaw-dropping as her literary expression.





Nikia possesses a distinctive style that sets her apart from other fashionistas. With Miss Phoenix, I feel every look is genuinely pieced together without any thought as to what the world may think. I feel this woman is confident enough, in herself, to rock any and everything under the sun. After careful examination, I’ve realized that she loves a good print, funky hair accessories and bold sunnies. Nikia also manages to infuse tons of color into her fun frocks; however, she does have one thing that I absolutely envy – those awesome freckles! I adore the fact that she’s fearless, cool and completely untouchable in her approach to fashion. In my eyes, she is the epitome of a Bomb Blogger.






Whew! Quite a feature, huh? Well, don’t let your curiosity end here! Nikia’s IG is filled with tons of inspiration and good vibes. Follow her @nikiaphoenix. If IG isn’t your style, head on over to her blog Model Liberation here.


Just another heads up, I’m still looking for future Bomb Bloggers! I’m beyond confident that you guys can help to make this feature even more awesome. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


Signing Out — Esmesha



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