Bomb Blogger: Enocha Tellus of Locks and Trinkets

Happy Hump Day everyone! I am genuinely humbled by the support the Bomb Blogger feature has garnished – from the encouraging comments to the personal emails, I’d really love to thank each of you for taking the time to check out our up and coming bloggers. My gratitude is endless.

With that said, let’s jump straight into this week’s Bomb Blogger!

I’ve followed this young woman for over a year, and she’s the epitome of effortless chic. Enocha Tellus of Locks and Trinkets has certainly solidified her place within the blogosphere. Her casual yet edgy style immediately catches your eye–still, it’s her mere presence that leaves you in complete awe.





This singer/songwriter (and Berklee College of Music alumna) has an incredible sense of style. Dipping into every genre of fashion – from vintage to the trendy – she’s very universal in her tastes. Not only is Enocha an outstanding source for outfit inspiration, but her blog also provides personal and mental motivation. In addition to blogging about what she feels is “hot” right now, she takes it a step further by giving her audience a glimpse into what she encounters and feels from day to day.





I immediately knew Miss Enocha would be perfect for today’s Bomb Blogger feature! She’s fearless, fun, and chasing her dreams (all while looking fabulous).

She’s definitely a go-getter and, for that, I salute her. In addition, her voice is just as mind-blowing as her style. Curious? Check her out here and here!








To see more of Enocha Tellus, check her out on IG @missenocha or visit her blog here.

So, is Miss Enocha worthy of Bomb Blogger status? If not, indulge me, let me know!


Thoughts? Do you have any suggestions for future Bomb Bloggers?


Signing Off — Esmesha


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