What would the 90’s have been without oversized Starter Jackets?

Before Louis Vuitton Varsity’s became de rigeur, popular R&B and rap groups like Another Bad Creation, Jodeci, and NWA rocked colorful Starter Jackets (and matching caps) to show team allegiance and, of course, style:

Starter Jackets skewed towards the expensive side, so were seen as a status symbol for those who could afford them. Their exclusivity led to robberies and incidents of jacket stealing.

These days upstarts like designers Dee & Ricky are casting a new light on the trend, fashioning computer and gym bags out of vintage Starter Jackets:

What do you think?
Of course I had a Starter Jacket (I went through a bit of a tomboy phase), and probably still have my North Carolina Blue somewhere in my closet back home.
Did you guys rock Starter Jackets?
Source, Source & Source

Reminisce with this fun video:


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