Black History Fashion Trend : Kangol Hats

In addition to starting movements with gold rope chains and doorknocker earrings, black stars of the 80’s also attached themselves to and popularized particular brands. The rapper’s delight? Kangol Hats.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
The British clothing company Kangol supplied berets to World War II soldiers and counted fans in Princess Diana and the Beatles before being appropriated by rappers like Grandmaster Flash, Slick Rick, Run DMC, and LL Cool J.

While women have had their fair share of Kangol moments, referencing old school hip hop on album covers and in videos in the early 2000’s…

….This trend is overwhelmingly a ‘male’ thing. Nowadays old G actors like Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson can be seen rocking with Kangols on red carpets:

Have you ever owned a Kangol?

If you have suggestions for other black history fashion or beauty trends, leave ’em in the comments section!

*Thanks to MuzillyStyld for the suggestion!


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