Best of 2010 : Final Results

The votes have been cast, and we have winners in each category!
So….for the fourth time in Fashion Bomb history, Rihanna has won the title of Fashionista of the Year! Our Caribbean pop princess also managed to edge out Nia Long by 1% of the vote to take home the title of Beauty Diva of the Year.  Kanye West ganked the Most Fashionable Man title for the second time around, stomping his closest competitor, Pharrell, by more than 20% of your votes. And in probably our most heated competition, Lily from Vancouver secured the title of Fashion Bombshell of the Year, enjoying 26% of a record 1,200 votes. Charod from Florida won Bomber of the Year in a landslide, and stunning Sessilee Lopez took the prize for Model of the Year:

Are you surprised, upset, jilted, exultant?

Let us know in the comments.

Shout out to the runners up: Solange and Kim Kardashian for Fashionista of the Year, Pharrell for Most Fashionable Man, Nia Long for Beauty Diva of the Year, Nikole from LA for Bombshell of the Year, Mboko from Paris for Bomber of the Year, and Chanel Iman as Model of the Year. See all poll results here.


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