Best of 2010: Fashion Bombshell of the Year

Ah Bombshell of the Day.
Who knew such an innocent showcase of reader style could bring out the best and worst in us, fanning controversy, commanding criticism, and at times bubbling over with praise? Though the Fashion Bomb jury can be harsh, hundreds of you sent in your pictures on a daily basis, opening yourself up to what may be the internet’s most selective style judges. Only a handful of Bombshells stood head and shoulders above the rest, attracting more positive comments and choruses of ‘girl where did you get that?” than “girl, no!

We had 14 nominations, but I whittled it down to 10 based on positive reader feedback and overall style.

Our nominees for Bombshell of the Day are: Gina from Boston, Gigi from DC, Lily from Vancouver, Nikole from LA, Brittainy from North Carolina, Alicia from LA, Whitney from Texas, Shanease from Atlanta, Tysha from Toronto, and Lori from LA.

You ready?

Let’s go:
1. Gina from Boston:

Gina’s style mantra was simple: “Everyday’s a party, I love to have fun and will try any and everything. Lots of color and lots of glam!”

The positive comments just wouldn’t quit. Keshia from Dallas said, “Two thumbs up! Work it!” and Diamond said, “Gina if I ever see you, I’m robbing you of your shoes!!”

2.Gigi from DC:

Reader Janay nominated her friend Gigi as Bombshell of the Day, saying, “Gigi is soo fly it’s crazy…”

Over 76 of you guys agreed, with BeautifulDaiDreamer saying, “She’s bad! And her skin is beautiful!” Ally gushed, “All I can say is WOW!” Wow is right.

3. Shanease from Atlanta:

Though Shanease cited Rihanna as a style muse, we could still see her personal style and flair shine through.

Readers were drooling over her dress game. L of Avid Accents said, “This girl is just too cute. She sticks to a few colors with each outfit and adds a little surprise like the animal print pumps and yellow nails. I likes.”

4. Lori from LA:

Lori was so good, she appeared twice as Bombshell of the Day, each time getting comments like, “HOT all the way through,” and “HOT TO DEATH!!! Weeerk!”

The vintage shopping pro shows off her finds on her blog Click on if you just can’t get enough.

5. Lily from Vancouver:

If there were a popularity contest, Lily would win. The personal style blogger for enjoyed over 88 comments brimming with compliments like, “Wow love every look! She’s awesome!” and “Now THIS is a bombshell. Love everything!”

6. Whitney from Texas:

Image consultant Whitney from Texas blew us away with her multicolored blazers and well tailored looks.

The truth said, “Love her style! From head to toe, she looks flawless in every pic.”

7. Alicia from LA

Alicia already had quite a following thanks to her blog Inny Vinny, and it seems she gained a few more fans after her feature on the Bomb.

Zy said, “Ohhhhh…. I LOVE her style. It’s been a while since you guys have featured a Bomb with some serious style… this chickadee is WORKING it. from the shoes, to the haircut, she’s definitely got a signature style. Love it, love it, love it!FashionEditorTN added, “It’s about got-darn time Claire, Lol! Her style is where it’s at. I love the glasses and the paisley-lookin dress with the mustard sandals. The grey cardigan, pearls and purple platforms are thrown together nicely…Love love love it. Thanks Alicia…Well done!”

8. Tysha from Toronto:

Tysha of the blog was like a breathe of fresh air with her chic haircuts and edgy looks.

Sun.kissed said, “Now there’s a BOMBSHELL worth posting! She looks great!”

9. Nikole from LA:

Nikole, aka The Moptop Maven, charmed fellow Bombshells with her sick wardrobe, bright smile, and gorgeous hair.

AD said, “BEAUTIFUL! That hair! Fantabulous! *drops bombs*” Even Danielle had to weigh in, saying, “OH-MY-SWEET-GERKINS! (*Rupaul voice*). This woman is gorgeous! I’m here thinking about the Phytorelaxer I bought the other day and shaking my head at myself and seriously contemplating taking that thing back…lol. I LOVE her hair. And her style. And her face.”

10. Brittainy from North Carolina:

Last, but not least is Brittainy who just made the cut, submitting her pix just a few days ago.

No matter, the 5’10” stunner made quite the impression. Zimbabwechic said, “Okay honey I’m gonna need the name of your hairstylist and where you go thrift shopping, that is all:)”

And that’s all folks! Who do you deem worthy of the title, “Bombshell of the Year”?

*Note: You can make more than one selection

Have fab weekends and stay tuned for more Best of 2010 fun!


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