• Best of 2009 : Top Beauty Trends

    While I touched upon a few hot Beauty Trends in my AOL post, there were so many more that came onto the scene in ’09!

    Let’s take a quick beauty walk down memory lane:

    1. Minx Nails

    Solange Minx Nails
    The cool nail coverings were a certified celeb fave, with everyone from Solange to Sheree Whitfield rocking the look in patterns or plain. Ever creative, a few stars even made their Minx political…
    Eve's Obama Minx Nail
    …placing our President on their thumbnails.

    2. Dark Plum Lipstick
    Beauty Dark Plum Lipstick Rihanna Kelly Rowland

    90’s staple dark plum lipstick made a certified comeback in the ’09, as Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, and Melody Thornton were spotted sporting the sultry look.

    Melody Thornton Plum Lipstick TrendHot!

    3. Shaved Hairstyles

    Shaved Heads Collage

    Hip Hop starlets couldn’t seem to get enough of the clippers! While Solange created a controversy by completely lopping her locks off, most, including Cassie, Keyshia, and Lala, went for the half shaved look.

    4. Neon Pedicures

    Pedicure Celebrity Rihanna Kelly Alicia

    While Minx mani’s made waves, celebs also got creative with their pedi’s, wearing bright yellow, pink, and orange to play up their red carpet looks.

    5. Tattoos


    Celebs opted for primly placed tattoos to subtly assert their personality. Their new ink sparked discussions here on the Fashion Bomb on the intersection of Tattoos and Fashion.

    What beauty trends stood out for you this year?


    Claire Sulmers is the publisher and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, the #43 most influential style magazine in the world.

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