Best of 2008: Fashionista of the Year

So as the days wind down for 2008, it’s time to take a look back at this Year in Style. For the Best of 2007 series last year, I took the liberty of declaring Rihanna the winner of the Fashionista Extraordinaire award, saying, “This Caribbean Queen has been working everything from glamazon frocks to more casual sweater dresses with undeniable style since the beginning of the year….


…She truly mixes it up and manages to do it all, from rocker chic to classic while looking absolutely flawless.” It was true: Rihanna’s fashionable aura was a breathe of fresh air amidst a slew of suffocating style subjects. But change is constant, and it’s time to anoint a New Chic Queen!

In the spirit of democracy and Obama, I’ve decided this year to leave the voting up the you!

Candidates for 2008 Fashionista of the Year were chosen based on 1. Number of appearances on the Fashion Bomb, and the 2. Amount of Mail Bombs questions centered around them. And yeah, since Rihanna won last year, she’s ineligible. Sorry!
Let’s get to it!
The First Candidate for 2008 Fashionista of the Year is R&B crooner Keyshia Cole:

While Ms. Cole’s calm demeanor was the highlight of her BET show The Way It Is, her new bold attitude towards fashion became a subtle focal point of 2008. This year, Keyshia came into her own both personally and fashionably, wearing a mixture of designer dresses, patterned tops, and 70’s inspired separates. What can I say, this Bay Area Babe unwittingly won over my fashion evaluator. Did she win over yours?
Next in contention is Solange Knowles:

In July you guys labeled her a ‘Work In Progress,’ but what a difference 5 months can make! While Solange still has a funky style that favors feathers, unexpected pops of color, and wild patterns, she’s streamlined her kookiness for a consistently sophisticated look. No longer playing second fiddle to her older sis’, Solange seems to be poising herself for a peaceful takeover of the Knowles chic empire.
Next up is Alicia Keys:

Ms. Keys has been on the scene forever, but lately her fashion meter has been off the chain! Every time you look, she’s wearing a pair of must have designer shoes or a flattering, tailored fit, managing to look absolutely stunning in everything from dressy floor length gowns to casual jeans. Snaps!
Our last Queen of Chic candidate is Cassie:

Say what you want about her vocals, Cassie always throws down with severe fashion ferocity. Many have said she should stick to modeling, and perhaps they’re right. She can rock the stuff out of any dress, and her shoe game is simply bananas.
So that does it!

The Polls are open!


Claire Sulmers is the publisher and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, the #43 most influential style magazine in the world.

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