Beauty Verdict: The Many Wigs of Kelly Rowland

Greetings all you pretty ladies!
Danielle here with a Beauty Verdict.

Kelly Rowland, formerly one-third of hot R&B group Destiny’s Child, embarked on a solo career, dropped Beyoncé dad-ager, Mathew Knowles from managing her career, and then some time later happened upon a slew of questionable wigs. Please consider Exhibits A-E for your review:

Ladies (and gentlemen) of The Fashion Bomb jury, Kelly Rowland has been blessing our hearts and eyes with her gorgeous skin, killer smile, and charm since we first laid eyes on her in 1997 (or prior if you were an avid Star Search fan), so the motive behind these wigs are unknown. Does The Fashion Bomb jury find Ms. Rowland guilty or not guilty of the bad wig offense?

Enter your verdicts in the comments.


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