Beauty Discussion: Is Natural Hair for Everyone?

Last night, Bravo debuted a new show called Fashion Queens, hosted by Fashion Bomb friend and style maven Bevy Smith, and featuring Real Housewives of Atlanta hairstylists Miss Lawrence and Derek J.
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All grades of shade were thrown in every direction–even André Leon Talley fell victim to a quick ‘read’–but their assessment of natural hair was the shade heard all over the Twitterverse.
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Bevy Smith introduced a picture of Solange Knowles performing at SXSW, and asked the hairstylists what they thought of her ‘fro (couching her question in her knowledge that they both ‘bow[ed] to the altars of relaxers and weaves’). Though Lawrence allowed that some women could work it with a little weave (watching for density), Derek J offered, that “Natural hair isn’t for everyone.” And then my timeline blew up.
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Some tweets agreed with his statement. @Ican0NLYbeME said ” I’m natural but natural hair isn’t for everyone. It shouldn’t be that way but hey creamy crazy was created for a reason!” @Serenity_Speak added, “If you cant maintain your hair with a perm it’s gone be hard to do it without one #ijs folks walking around looking crazy lol.” @Meikab85 joked, “That’s so true I know a few ppl that look like they from the Color Purple.”

The Color Purple? Really?
The Color Purple? Really?

Others were just not ok with Derek’s statement. @DoctorRenee said, “Be SMART with your passion about hair, not ignorant. Promote healthy hair care, relaxed AND natural #teamNatural.” She added, “Society has clearly brainwashed us into thinking what’s an “appropriate” look for our hair..” @ButtaBaby typed, “ This natural hair shade on fashion queens is uncool and unnecessary.”
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My stance? Natural hair isn’t for everyone. But weaves, perms, and creamy crack aren’t for everyone, either! I think that whatever hairstyle you choose should be polished/maintained to be the most flattering. So with weaves, make sure it’s done correctly–same with natural hair.
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I’ll admit when I first started my dreadlocks, I rubbed my hands with glee at all the money I would save on salon visits, and how much less time I’d have to spend, say, under a dryer. I thought natural hair meant I could just do it myself. I mean, how hard could hair care be when I was styling what came naturally out of my head?
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But, as all the natural hair care blogs and tutorials suggest, there is a learning curve when it comes to coiled hair maintenance. It’s hard to get that polished look at home. I mean, I probably don’t spend as much time as someone who has a perm does on their hair, but I still go to the salon every couple of weeks for a wash and twist.

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So in sum, I’d say that black women–and all women–should just find a style that works for them. And whatever you choose, take care of your hair the best you can.
What do you think?

*Sidenote: Did you tune in to Fashion Queens? What did you think?
bravo tv fashion queens bevy smith derek j lawrence


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