Beauty Discussion: Is Blond for Everyone?

Recently, celebrities like Mya, Ameriie, and Keri Hilson have jumped on the blond bandwagon, joining an illustrious and long list of platinum haired starlets like Mary J Blige, Rihanna, Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, and even Christina Milian:

Blond is a bold way to lighten up your complexion and grab attention, and done correctly, it can look hot!

But some say women with darker complexions should steer away from wearing lighter hair.

Aside from blond dye possibly ruining your hair, there are no real risks associated with going for flaxen locks, so I say why not?

What say you?

How do you feel about blond bombshells of color?

PS If you’re wondering whether to use blond or blonde, here’s the 411: A Blonde is a female with blond hair. Blond can be used to describe a male with blond hair; blond is also the name of the actual color. Source.


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