Beauty Discussion: If Money Were No Object, Would You Get Plastic Surgery?

Wendy Williams made headlines with an interview in last week, where she stated that when it comes to going under the knife, “My people will not go for any kind of surgery. We are supposed to be natural. Ugh, whatever.”

When asked her thoughts on those who are judgmental about her body enhancement, she said, “They are jealous. Because if I said to that person, “I got the doctor and I’m going to pay for it. Choose three things you want to do,” believe me, they would get it done. They are very jealous and scared. Scared of what their other friends would say, or to break out of the box and be different. And being black? Ugh, please.”

Of course Wendy went on to talk about her proclivity for wigs (she said, “Full blown wigs are looked at as the worst, in terms of hair type fakery…. a wig is something that is acceptable for your old aunt, but not for a modern girl,”), but her statement regarding black women and surgery still stands. How do you feel about going under the knife? And if money were no object, would you go for it?

I, personally, have a seemingly indestructible pooch, that won’t go flat no matter how much I try. I know that if I changed my diet just slightly it might stand a chance, but I haven’t been able to get those washboard abs just yet. I’ve thought to myself, “Hmm…what if I get a tummy tuck?” but of course haven’t seriously considered it…and wouldn’t it be nicer to simply work out and eat right to get the results you want? That said, I don’t think I’d be opposed to a little nip and tuck later in life. I wouldn’t touch my face (and my bust is AOK), but I’d probably go for a little lipo.

What about you?
Read Wendy’s full interview and catch pix of her makeunder at


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