Beauty Discussion: “Defined” Brows

I’m not exactly sure when very defined brows started popping up, but it seems to be taking many innocent victims down since it hit. Yes, brows are super important to your makeup looks as they frame the face and can either make you look really young if done right or make you look past your prime if done wrong.

Katerina Graham seems to love the look, but I think the square shape and too long ends of her brows age the young actress.

Her makeup would be gorgeous without them I think.

I love the look of a great defined brow like Lala Vazquez, Kelly Rowland, and Kim Kardashian (maybe tone down the rest of the makeup a bit). Or the type of brow that you can immediately tell celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine perfected:

But overdrawn, extra thick, square-shaped brows? Hmm…

It’s best to get your brows groomed at least once by a professional and then do clean-ups at home. If you want to try it at home then try these.

Quick brow tips:
1. To find out where your brows should end, grab a pencil and angle it from the outer tip of your nostril to your outer lashes and where the pencil lands is where your brow should end.
2. Find out where your brows should begin by placing the pencil straight up from your outer tip of your nostril to the inner corners of your eyes. Where the pencil lands is where your brow should begin.
3. Find your arch by taking the pencil again at the outer tip of your nostril and angle it across your eye.
4. When filling in your brows with a brow pencil, use short and light feather-like strokes that mimic actual hair.
5. For more tips check out Beauty Bomb : How to Shape and Care for Eyebrows.

How do you like to keep your brows?

Images via Getty, Kim Kardashian’s Twitter

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