Beauty Bomb: Matte Lipsticks for Dark Skin

Big theme with matte lipstick here on The Fashion Bomb this week . As a card carrying member of the MAC Ruby Woo club, I LOVE it! While I do love a creamy shiny lipstick, I do love my mattes and apparently so do you guys since you’ve written in so many requests regarding them.

Fashion Bomb reader Danielle (who has thee best name, btw) wrote in asking, “Hey Fashion Bomb staff, I have been looking for a nude matte lip colour for a while as well as other matte colours for my skin tone and I can’t find much. P.S. I have the Fiery by Stila lip colour and I love it! P.S.S my skin tone is like Kelly Rowland & Gabrielle Union! Thanks FBB I look forward to hearing from you

Hey Danielle!

We talked about nude lips for brown skin last year in Nude Lipstick for Skin of Color where we discussed brownish-pinks are best as nudes for dark skin as well as recommendations for a range of skin tones. We also touched on how to choose bright lip colors for a variety of complexions waaay back in 2009 when I was just doing guest posts in Beauty Bomb : Rock a Hot Bright Lip and then put it together in July with Weekend Makeup Idea: Rock a Bright Matte Lip. Basically I can talk lip color all day here as you can see.

Now while I do own more lipsticks than I care to admit, you can actually create mattes out of your favorite cream lipsticks. You can take a paper towel (I find tissue can tend to stick too much) to blot out the shine and dust some translucent powder over it OR pick up a product like MAC Matte, a colorless cream that acts like a powder and can make just about any makeup product matte. Apply your lipstick and then use a lip brush to apply matte on top OR make a little mix on the back of your hand with a touch of lipstick and a touch of MAC Matte and apply to the lips.

If that won’t do my dear, Danielle, and you need an actual matte lip color for your complexion, try tarte LipSurgence™ Natural Matte Lip Tint in Exposed, a brownish pink. The company sent me Fiery and Lively (both brighter colors) for review consideration on my blog over the summer and they are some of the most comfy mattes I’ve ever tried–they have a slight menthol feel and last all day without drying out the lips so I’m sure you’ll love Exposed as a nude. Also try Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in #2 or #3. You can try any brand (or mix to create your own) if you stick with brownish-pinks.

As for non-nudes, the key with dark skin (like mine–I’m MAC NW47) is that despite what “society” says, bolder colors like reds, berries, plums, and pinks rock on dark skin. Gravitate towards colors like tarte LipSurgence™ Natural Matte Lip Tint in Fiery and Lively as I mentioned above as well as MAC Ruby Woo and Stila Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Fiery (they also look good on caramel and lighter skin tones, too). And don’t forget to read Beauty Bomb : Rock a Hot Bright Lip where I explain why certain colors work on different skin tones.


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