Beauty Bomb: How to Lighten Dark Lips


Sydney writes in asking, “Hey guys! I’ve seen posts about what to do if you have dark elbows but I was wondering if you had any tricks up your sleeve for dark lips? I’m not sure if I was just born with darker lips or if they come from my smoker past but I really want nice pink lips! HELP! Thanks!

Hey Sydney!

I’m glad to hear that smoking is in your past because not only can it lead to cancers, it can also age the skin terribly. It could be a combo of both (were your lips dark before you started smoking?), but having darker or two-toned lips can be pretty common with brown skin.

Your first defense would be to prevent further darkening by making sure you exfoliate your lips (rubbing a wet toothbrush over them or use a gentle scrub) and be sure to use a balm that contains SPF. You can also use a natural lightener like fresh lemons to help brighten the color of your lips over time.

Since you won’t get your lips as pink as I suspect you want them, I say make friends with bold lip color. You can also use concealer (like Black Opal Lip Corrector) or a nude lip pencil to get the base color you want if you wish to rock lighter lip colors.

Besides–darker lips can be your thing. Like how Tyra has her forehead.

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