Bag Lust: Rauwolf Fall 2013 Clutches


There’s a chance that you have never heard of the brand Rauwolf, but after the label’s Fall 2013 collection, there’s a large chance you will never be able to forget the name. Kristine Johannes’s space-age designs are an expert study in craftsmanship and imaginative design, truly giving meaning to the term “statement accessory.”

rauwolf-fall-2013-amethyst-venice-clutch rauwolf-fall-2013-gold-emerald-cut-gemstone-clutch

The pieces are clearly inspired by architecture, boasting geometric shapes and reflective surfaces which give them the feel of handheld glass skyscrapers.

rauwolf-fall-2013-gold-degrade-sputnik-clutch rauwolf-fall-2013-amethyst-mirrored-orbit-clutchThe color palette is the definition of standout, ranging from gold and silver metallics to cobalt blues and royal purples.

rauwolf-fall-2013-silver-constantinople-clutch rauwolf-fall-2013-gold-constantinople-clutch rauwolf-fall-2013-sapphire-classic-faceted-clutch

My favorite designs in the collection are the Shalimar clutches: wearable prisms featuring faceted edges and a fun blend of hues for accessories that will truly uplift any look.

rauwolf-fall-2013-van-eyck-green-clutch rauwolf-fall-2013-blood-shalimar-clutch

If you’re up for the splurge, you can get your purchase on at for the above delights. Also check out to see the brand’s other wares.

Are you feeling Rauwolf’s Fall 2013 clutches?


Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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