Andre Leon Talley opened up to Women’s Wear Daily about his upcoming stint as a judge on America’s Next Top Model:

The Vogue veteran will be replacing Ms. Jay on the panel; Ms. Jay will dedicate his time to helping the models work and strut on the runway.

In addition to seeing André lament about the ‘famine of beauty’ present in most contestants, it seems we can also look forward to new catchphrases as well as custom made Chado Ralph Rucci cloaks. Regarding his new phrase, he will debut the word ‘dreckitude,’ which apparently is, “a melding of dreck, one of his “favorite” words, and “quackitude,” a term he’d heard Rachel Maddow use on her show.” In the article, he goes on to explain, “Dreckitude’ was whipped out when I thought the challenge was not met or if [the contestants] showed up in perhaps an outfit that I just couldn’t wrap my mind around.”

And you know he’ll be showing out in the wardrobe department! He said, “I went to Ralph Rucci when I started this thing. We came up with these wonderful designs that are based on 17th-century Edo samurai tunic-coats. And Ralph, who is extraordinarily gifted, understood my desire to have something that would pop on TV.
And pop he will. I know I live abroad, but I have to watch this. Say what you want, Talley knows fashion. I cannot wait for his overwhelmingly posh composure to clash with the middle American transplants for this season. This is what I call must see TV!
Read the rest of the WWD article here.
Picture Source : CW


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