On OWN: André Leon Talley Discusses The Glass Ceiling at Vogue + Diversity in Fashion

André Leon Talley opened up to Oprah about his time at Vogue in an interview set to air this Friday on OWN.
Andre Leon Talley SCAD Exhibit
In a teaser clip, the former Editor-at-Large says, “I loved my life at Vogue. I loved being at Vogue. Vogue is the ultimate place if you’re working in fashion in a fashion magazine.”
He continued, “… I always felt that even though Vogue has been fabulous to me, there was always this silent taking for granted. Very few people of diversity. Not just at Vogue. There have been very few people of color who’ve risen as far as I have in the industry. I felt I had gone to what is called the glass ceiling there. And nothing else was going to happen.”

Watch below:

I can’t say I’m surprised by Talley’s revelation, though it is a bit disheartening to hear that even someone of his stature could feel so stuck.
What do you think?
Do you have hope for the future of diversity in fashion?
Be sure to tune in to OWN on Friday at 9/8c to watch the whole interview.
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