And the Winner Is…Our KenBradly Du Voyage Bracelets from Bevel Trunkshows!

It took us a minute, but we finally settled upon Rheame from Texas as the winner of our KenBradley Du Voyage Bracelets from Bevel Trunk Shows!

She actually won thanks to her sister Felicia, who wrote, “I’d gift [these] to my big sister. She needs something beautiful in her life right about now. She is currently deployed (again). Once she returns from this deployment, she will go back to her last duty station (overseas in Europe) and then immediately change duty stations (overseas again but in Asia). Sister hasn’t been home in years due to military obligations; I know she feels like she is ONLY her uniform lately but she means so much more. I would love to lavish her with something like this…she deserves it!” That, she does!

Enjoy the bracelets, Rheame , and thank you for serving our country.
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