American Apparel Says Plus Size Women are ‘Not Their Demographic’

If you’ve every visited an American Apparel store and tried to slither your body into one of their more skin clinging spandex dresses, you’d already know that the California based chain doesn’t necessarily fashion clothes with the curvy girl in mind.

L.A.-based plus-size adult star April Flores must have also taken issue with the sizes of the clothes, and asked an American Apparel showroom rep if they’d ever make plus-size clothing. The representative replied, “That’s not our demographic.”

With a name like American Apparel, you’d hope they made clothes that could fit all Americans of all body types. But instead the brand that started off with mainly standard t-shirts and spandex leggings has expanded into a line of micro minis and dresses that reveal every nook and cranny. I’m good, I’ll pass.
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