6 Different Ways to Style Your Locs

Whether you just started your locs or had them for years, if you’re looking for ways to branch out and style them, this post’s for you!

1. Go edgy. Be bold and try shaving the sides like Jill Scott did above. While this is admittedly more for the locnista who isn’t particularly worried about her hair growing in evenly (as she likely has 50 million more styles to try), it is a sharp way to change things up.

Image via blackwomennaturalhairstyles.com

2. Cut ’em short. If you’ve worn your locs long for years and want something new consider a cut that frames your face. Claire did hers last year to rave reviews.

Image via blackwomennaturalhairstyles.com

3. Curl ’em. Want a new way to rock texture? Grab some bendable curling rods and get to work. Need help? Check out You Tube loc styling sensations like Chescaleigh for tips and more.

Image via blackwomennaturalhairstyles.com

4. Put them in an updo.

Image via lecoil.tumblr.com

If you have medium to longer length locs, sweep them into an updo or bun for a quick way to style your hair. There’s a gazillion ways to do one. Get some tips and tricks from You Tube user fauryn78.

5. Add in accessories. Whether you have starter locs or locs that reach your ankles, add in cute accessories to change up your look. Try some cute headbands (or go to your local fabric store and make your own in like 30 seconds), hats (typically you’ll need larger, “stretchier” hats to fit your locs which is also something you can do yourself), and earrings add character and diversity to your hair.

I’d even consider a bold lipstick or elaborate eye makeup as an accessory. Playing around with makeup allows you to have tons of versatility with your style. It’s no wonder so many of the fiercest faces in makeup I know wear locs.

Image via blackwomennaturalhairstyles.com

6. Color them. Adding in warm tones of honey, blonde, or red can not only change the look of your hair but can also brighten up your face. Funky colors like blue and purple add edge.

Peep the gallery below for a few more options.

And since sharing is caring, leave comments on how you wear your locs :)


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