5 Spring/Summer 2011 Beauty Trends

Summer solstice is approaching, ladies! Is your beauty arsenal properly stocked for some of the hottest trends in makeup and hair? Check out my top five spring/summer beauty trends to make sure you’re ready.

1. Full on Brights. If you love color (and you should because color looks soooo great on all shades of brown skin), then I bet you’ll love this trend. Instead of playing it on the safer side with just one vivid hue, say on the eyes, kick it up by pairing a contrasting bright on the lips, too.

Having trouble coming up with the perfect combo? Check out our post on combining colors.

2. Bronzer on Brown Skin. Yes, we’re already brown but bronzer adds beautiful warmth and depth to the skin. Ever apply your foundation and felt your face looked “flat”? Jazz up that baby with some bronzer around the temples, on the hollows of the cheeks, and on the jaw line. You can even use it to contour. And if you really want to knock ’em dead, apply your bronzer on the cheeks and then a bright coral or pink blush and POW! Cheekbones for D-A-Y-S.

Tip: Covergirl Queen Collection has three beautiful bronzers that really stand out on all shades of brown.

3. Coral Cheeks. Summer is a time where we want to wear as little makeup as possible, but blush is a must. A bright coral blush will give the skin a gorgeous glow and when applied correctly with a contour, can also slim the face.

Summer blush tip: apply a creme blush under your powder blush in similar shades to get the color to pop and last longer under the sun’s rays.

4. No-fuss Hair. Whether you’re natural, relaxed, or wearing a weave nixing all the heavy-duty styling will give you a carefree “I naturally look this good” look. If you have curly/kinky hair play with your texture with wash n’ gos or twist outs. If you’re relaxed lay off the flat irons; wrapping your hair at night and combing through in the morning can get you a similar effect. All hairstyles should play with cute hair accessories and hats.

5. Bright Lips. Actually, when are these ever not “in”? The color to try this summer though are shades of coral and orange. For tips check out Orange is the New Red and Coral Lipstick.

What beauty trends are you trying this summer?


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