5 No-Heat Hairstyles

While I love the things a Sedu can do, there are other ways of styling the hair that are cute and require no heat to do. If you’re a few days past your wash day, try these styles:

1. A slightly spiky pixie.

Simply wrap your hair the night before with a silk or satin head wrap (or similar pillow) to get hair as smooth as possible. When ready to style, unwrap your hair and comb through with a wide tooth comb. Grab a styling agent (like Rene Furterer Styling Wax) and use it to finger comb the hair in your desired style. The finished look should look “unfinished”.

2. A twist out.

Nothing new to natural hair vets, this very popular method of styling is easy to do and yields pretty impressive results on all hair lengths. Simply divide the hair into sections, wet the hair, and add in a styling pomade like Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. The bigger the hair, the bigger the sections. Then twist the sections (or braid) paying close attention that the ends are carefully twisted as to avoid frizziness. You can secure the ends with hair pins if needed. Once the hair is dry, carefully undo the twists and finger comb. This method is best done before bed or when you have enough time to allow the hair to air dry.

3. Wavy, beachy hair.

Traditionally a go-to style for summer, this can work for winter as well (a protest for milder weather if you will). Section the hair into parts (the smaller the section, the tighter the way). Then dampen the hair with water and add a spritz of a styling spray like Frederic Fekkai Coiff Oceanique Tousled Wave Spray to help the waves look more pronounced. Once the hair is dry, carefully undo the braids and finger comb. This is another style best done before bed or when you have ample time for air drying.

4. Pin curls.

This type of styling is great for breathing life back into a 3-4 day old blowout. Simply section the hair (the bigger the section, the looser the curl). Roll the hair (the same way you would with rollers) and secure with either bobby pins or duck clips. Take the sections down after about an hour or two and finger comb.

5. Loose bun or updo.

This look is cute with short (grab some cute clips), medium, or long hair whether it’s relaxed or natural. Gently pull the hair back off the face (allow a few loose tendrils to frame the face if desired) and either twist the ends up or down and secure with pins and/or clips. No need to get pageant-perfect hair here, the look should be a little bed head-ish.

Tools of the Trade:

What are your favorite no-heat hairstyles? Share them in the comments!

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