5 Fun Spring 2012 Nail Colors: Electric Blue, Mint, Pastels, and More!

Want to exude chic down to your fingernails?
Hop onto some of the hottest nail colors, as seen on a few of our fave Fashion Bomb celebs. This year’s shape seems to be longer and pointier, sort of like a super sexy talon:

But whether you choose to keep your nails short and square or long and pointed, we’ve got the top colors for you to dip into.
1. Electric Blue:

When Jay-Z and Beyonce gave birth to their first child Blue Ivy, they also unwittingly ushered in a new nail trend. Beyonce’s bright Baker Street Electric Blue nail color, worn in honor of her newborn, has been spied on several stars, including Angela Simmons.

Get the look here:

2. Mint

Mint is hot for clothes–and for your fingernails. Dip your toes and nails in the hue and keep it poppin.

Get the look here:

3. Pastels

Pepper your pointers with a series of shades in chic pastels. Take a cue from Azealia Banks with pale purple, or keep it super soft with pastel pink or blue.

4. Ravishing Red

Traditional red is still hot for Spring 2012, in full on coats, or uplifted by half moon manicures:

As with any other color, have fun!
Get the look here:

5. Stark White

Can’t be bothered with all those confusing colors? Bright white goes with everything and is perfect for spring. If straight up white nails are too boring, take a cue from Cassie and add a fun design on one or two digits:

Get the look here:

Did we miss anything? And what nail color will you try?


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