Halloween will be here before you know it!
And a lot of you may still be deciding what you want to wear.
To help you brainstorm, we’ve come up with 5 fashionable celebrity inspired costume options!

Yah ready?
1. Nicki Minaj

The slick rapper and frequent collaborator has burst onto the scene thanks to her unique delivery and head turning aesthetic. Nicki rocks banged wigs with the best of them–and the brighter the better! To channel Ms. Minaj, simply purchase a neon colored wig, then beat your face with a cascade of bright colors (reference our post How to Get a Nicki Minaj Barbie Makeup Look for tips). As far as wardrobe, Nicki tends to go for skin tight. Pair contrasting neon leggings with a blazer, a corset with a frilly skirt, or just pop on a thigh skimming dress.

Don’t forget to mug for the cameras!

Get the look with these:

2. Rihanna

While Rihanna may have flown under the radar any normal Halloween, her new Kool Aid red ‘do helped usher her onto our list. This costume won’t take much besides a firy wig and brightly colored contrasting separates. Feel free to let your inner fashionista run wild, all the while keeping the hair on lock!

A few outfit ideas:

3. Lady Gaga

There are almost too many options to choose from when it comes to Madame Gaga! The queen of showmanship has worn everything from bow shaped hairdos to masks to a full orbiting dress on the red carpet. Your best bet would be to focus on one outfit, then add your own little flourish. Thankfully Gaga herself has a few options for sale on her website www.ladygaga.shop.com starting at $50:

Order here to receive in time for Halloween!
4. Kanye West

Kanye has gone through many phases over the years, oscillating from shutter shades to strictly suits. For this Halloween, we’re pulling for his most recent predilection: a cherry red suit accented by cascading gold chains:

Slip on a rouge hued two piece, along with a v-neck and red sneakers. Pile on as much gold as you can handle:

5. Serena Williams

Serena has been dominating the tennis court for years, though 2010 saw a few more eye catching ensembles.

Slip on a cute match-ready combo, and channel Serena with bedazzled fingernails, haute hair, and jewelry.

If none of the above work for you, be inspired by a few more pix from some of our fave 80’s and 90’s sitcoms:

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?